Where are your blog readers coming from ?

By | September 8, 2008

If your answer is I don’t know then I am afraid that you are missing a very basic ingredient for tracking your blog traffic . If you are not so much tech savvy and do not care much about who visited your blog , then it is fine . But if you are really into traffic building , SEO , SERPs , referrals and all that info then you at least need a decent traffic analytic tool for your site .

There are many traffic analytic tools available that will do the job for you and it only takes few minutes to install one on your site . From time to time I have used various different kinds of such tools and have listed few of them below . Installing such tool involved placing small piece of code on your site . The traffic will then be automatically be tracked and data will be recorded by those tools.

There are different kind of data that these tools record for your analysis . Some of the data will be :

– Total number of hits : This will show you the total number of visitors to your site .
– Total number of page views : This will show you the total number of pages visited .
– Referral pages : This will show you all URLs from where visitors came to your site .
– Keywords : If your sites receives traffic from search engines that this section will show you those keywords that were typed in by the visitor in a search engine ( e.g Google ) to reach your site .
– User Data : This section will give you various info about your visitor ( e.g Operating System , Browser , Screen resolution , Location etc )

I have presented the above data in its simplest forms .There are various other terminologies used by such tools which I will discuss later some other day . Below I have listed few of such traffic counters / trackers that you can install and start analyzing your traffic very easily .


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