Keyword Selection : Finding Your Competition

By | February 25, 2009

Many starter SEOs and new webmasters make this mistake when selecting keywords for their websites. They start their keyword selection campaign by just typing their desired keyword into a search query and then analysing the results. Lets consider a little example by searching for the word puppy food in Google.

Google search keyword without" "

This keyword query returned over 5 milion results. Many webmasters will consider this number their exact competition for the keyword they typed in but this is partially true. The search results dislay all the pages that google has indexed in their database which have the keyword puppy food on their page in any order. It can be food for my puppy or I gave my puppy some food etc. For finding the exact competition for more specific keyword, we just have to enclose our keyword within ” ” and in our case it would be “puppy food”

Google search keyword with" "

As you can see from the above screen shot, that this mehod will show the exact number of pages that contains the word puppy food in the same order. This is the actual number of pages that you want to beat if you have to rank #1 for keyword puppy food.
Keyword selection by this method comes in handy specially when you want to estimate how much effort you would require to rank well for a prticular keyword. It is not that difficult to beat 10,000 pages as compared to 15,000,000 pages. 

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