Analyse your blog worth with dnScoop

By | November 5, 2008

dcscoop a free website value toolDo you have a blog which has a decent Google page rank , lots of backlinks , high Alexa rank and is some what popular ? Or you have a new site with almost no backlinks , no page rank and a very low Alexa traffic rank . Doesn’t matter if its new or old because you can get the value ( estimated ) of your site from a free website value estimation tool called

It gives an estimated value of any domain based on some of the following factors :

– Age of domain
– Google Pagerank
– Alexa rank
– Number of inbound link ( or simply backlinks )

Based on the above factors , it generates an estimated value of any site. According to this tool , has a worth of $900 . having over 900 billion backlinks has a value of over $1.7 billion . I think that is pretty low from big G standards .

So how much your site worths ?

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