MP3 Cube Player

By | August 27, 2008
Smallest MP3 cube player placed on finger tip
Photo credit : WholeSaleG8
Smallest MP3 player at the size of a small candyThis is such a small mp3 player that it can be hung in a necklace or earingVery small sized mp3 player

This is the smallest mp3 player I have seen so far . If you know any other which is smaller than 24mm x 24mm x 24mm then do let me know . I has a build in memory if 1 GB and it also support audio files in wma format . Other than just an audio player , it also support FM radio and voice recording up to 8 hours .

As far as the shape is concerned I still have doubts it will turn out to be a handy player as it will not be comfortable in pockets due to its cube like shape . The lady in the above photos have put the player in the best places but what about the earphone ?? If it is just for a show piece then it is fine .

I rate this product 3/5 razz and what about you guys ?

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