£2,700 for a baseball cap !

By | June 12, 2008
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Will you pay £2,700 for Ralph Lauren Polo baseball cap ?

Wait until you find out why the price tag is so high . This is not an ordinary cap as it may look like . It is equipped with a pinhole sized spy cam and microphone to record both audio and video and transmit it to a wireless receiver . I am not sure whether this product is available to everyone or not but this can sure come in handy on many occasions and at various locations.

Those of you who are interested in the technical details can read them here :

Transmitter Technical Data:

Frequency: 1200 -1300Mhz
Modulation: FM max 28Mhz by 1Vss/200Khz.
Output Power: 100mW/200mW
Power supply: 2 batteries 5V.
Power consumption: Transmission time approx.6 hours by 100mW.
Weight: 130gms
Receiver antenna: Omni directional Range: 50-100 meters indoors.
Up to 500 meters outdoors.

Color Camera Technical Data:
Image sensor: CCD Lens angle: 92/118 degrees Resolution 380 TV lines Auto electronic exposure: 1/60 – 1/150000
Minimum illumination: 3 lux @ f.1.2
Power supply: 5v
Dimensions with lens: 16x16x16mm
Lens system: Pinhole standard.

If you think this comes under your budget then you can order it from here !

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