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By | April 20, 2008
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Tired of Low click through rate from other ad networks ? Try Kontera instead . With Kontera you do not need to reserve additional space on your site for advertisements . Kontera ContentLink ads are generated within the text ( see images below ) present on a webpage . This feature allows publishers to use Kontera along with other ad networks .

Its IN-TEXT ad feature gives a pleasant experience to the user surfing the web and also gives ultimate control on what to see and what not to . The ads only appear when a user hovers the cursor over the double-underlined text ( see images below) .

The only thing you need is content as you can see that with out any content you will not be able to maximize you earnings . So start making money by placing Kontera ContentLink ads today . The minimum payout is $100 and the mode of payment is via check , Paypal or EFT .See FAQs for further details .

One you have joined Kontera ,you can also invite your friends and get $25 for every friend that you refer and whose site gets 50,000 page views within 60 days of sign up.

>>> Kontera ContentLink Ad Formats <<<

I – ContentLink Text Ads

Sample Kontera In-Text ad

II – ContentLink Text and Image Ads

Sample Kontera In-Text ad

III – ContentLink Video Ads

Sample Kontera In-Text ad

IV – ContentLink Billboard Ads

Sample Kontera In-Text ad

V – ContentLink Flex Ads

Sample Kontera In-Text ad

Also see Kontera Hybrid

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