Which Directory to submit your blog for Free Links ?

By | May 20, 2008
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There are millions of free directories where you can submit your blog for free and get easy one way link which can help increase the number of inbound links and also help your blog to rank well in search engines which in turn will give your blog more free hits from search engines.

The question however is which directory to submit your blog and which are the ones that you better leave as they are not worth the time that it will take to submit your blog . There are two things that I always look for before submitting to a free directory .

1. Directory Page Rank
Google High Page rank
Page rank is Google’s importance of any webpage . It ranges from rank zero i.e PR0 to PR10 with 10 being the highest which Google.com has. Page rank of any website can be found by installing Google toolbar . So whenever you visit a site , its page rank will be indicated in the Google tool bar in your web browser.

How this rank is calculated by Google is still not completely known . Usually the more inbound links from other sites that have high page rank and also relevant to the site they are linking to will get you a higher page rank but Google also incorporate various other factors when assigning page rank to a web page .

So the first thing to do is install the Google page rank toolbar and only spend time in submitting your blog to those directories that at least have page rank higher than zero.

2. Alexa Traffic Rank
Alexa Traffic Rankings
The other thing to look for is the directory Alexa traffic ranking . To get more detailed knowledge about Alexa traffic I recommend that you read it at The Alexa Traffic Ranking page . I hope by now you know how Alexa calculates and assigns traffic rankings to web pages . For that you have to install Alexa tool bar which will indicate the traffic ranking of any website that you visit .

Now that you know what are traffic rankings and you have to toolbar , you can easily find out the traffic rankings of directories that you visit . This will save you a lot of time as you will immediately identify those crapy directories which do not even receive any traffic and have very low traffic rankings .

So you know both page rank as well as Alexa traffic rankings of the directory and you are all set to launch your directory submission campaign . You can start by submitting your blog to 10 free one way link directories here . Good luck.

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