What is Link Popularity

By | November 25, 2008
Improving Link popularity : Graphical Illustration
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Link Popularity

By definition, link popularity is the measure of both quality and quantity of hyperlinks or simply inbound links pointing to a web page from various other web pages that might be in the same domain or from other domains. It is just one of the factors that many search engines like Google,Yahoo and Msn take into consideration when they evaluate the presence or ‘popularity‘ of web pages so that they can be ranked accordingly.

Lets take an example by considering a scenario where a number of people fight compete for becoming the top 10 potential Presidents of an organization which manufactures baseball bats. Open polling takes place where Managers from various departments of the same organization and also from other organizations cast their votes. Now I being a part of that organization , is assigned the responsibility for evaluating the weight or ‘authority’ of each vote and then select 10 candidates and assign them rank 1-10, depending upon how much authoritative votes they got. I did all the ‘analysis‘ and then assigned all the candidates their well deserved ranks. The ones that were ranked low were because they got:

1. Too many votes but not from relevant organizations
2. Too many votes but not from organizations that are very new in the market
3. Very few votes

And the candidates that were ranked high was because they got:

A. Many votes from organizations having the same trade (baseball and/or related to sports)
B. Few votes but from well established organizations


So to take a website on top spots you do not need massive number of inbound links instead, one needs to develop certain popularity level for his/her site which depends upon:

1. Quantity of inbound or one way links
2. Relevancy of sites linking to your site
3. Authority of sites linking to your site

Link Popularity mostly depends on the above three factors. So next time you create one way links for your site, keep these in mind.

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