Valentine Day Special : Spreading Link Love

By | February 13, 2009

Every year on 14th Feb, people all over the world celebrate Valentines day by presenting their loved ones with special valentine flowers and gifts like chocolates, perfumes, jewelry, clothing etc. Although various other gifts can be considered for valentine gift ideas, but flowers are always given as they represent the existance of love, feelings and pass the message of the day very easily which any other gift can hardly deliver. Many celebrate this day but most of them still are not aware what is the history behind valentine’s day. There are various stories associated with this day. I will not be going into them but if you have time you can see stories here.

Link Love :

Many of you reading this post might curse me for changing the theme of this post because the title of this post might be considered a bit misleading as this post is not entirely about Valentine day but it is about spreading link love by providing various useful links to all those reading this and those also who will be sharing this with others and thus returning back some link juice. This is very similar to what I did last new year day, by providing links to one way link directories. This time I will be adding more by providing links from other useful sources too. 

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