Simple guidelines for Link Building

By | February 11, 2008

Links pointing to your website or blog can be very useful in getting your site a high pagerank .Many people think that this happens overnight and if they create 100 links in a day then they will be able to conquer the world LOL . This is a slow process and at times very frustrating as you have to use some common sense with building links.I am listing few simple guidelines which you can use in building links.


  • Your website pages should have a varied anchor text
  • Links should come from related pages
  • Links should come from as many different places as possible
  • Links should be built gradually
  • Links should be placed on pages with varied PR
  • Links should always come from good neighborhood
  • Links should come from different C-Class IPs
  • Links should come from both old and new sites.
  • Links should also come from reciprocal linking
  • Links should be pointing to your site’s internal as well as home page
  • Links should come from non-directories as well
  • Links should not come from temporary locations
  • Links should not have paid linking footprints around them
  • Links should not come from pages that link to bad neighborhood
  • Links should always come from pages of similar language

Use a mix of all the above ways to build links and make sure that you stick to what ever ways you adopt.This is not something that will give results overnight.So be patient and while building links.

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