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By | January 10, 2009

Selected Links‘ is simple yet very effective link extractor by Mikos. It is a free link extractor which has the ability to extract hyperlinks from a web page. Just select the desired section of the page with the help of your mouse cursor and this tool will display the URLs and their respective anchor texts. Besides the ability to extract text link, it can also be used to extract image URL. 

I have only tested this tool on Microsoft Internet Explorer. Here is how it works. Install this tool and restart your IE browser. Then select the text link or the entire text with your mouse and make sure it stays selected and highlighted like the way shown in the image below.

Select links for extractionNow goto Tools menu in IE and click ‘Selected Links’. The following screen with all the links in the selected text and their respective anchor texts will appear.
Extract Links easily from webpages

Now you have all the URLs. You can copy individual link or click ‘Copy All’ to copy all the URLs to your computer by pasting them into a text file. You can also click ‘Open All’ which will open all the links that this tool has extracted. Though this is not a recommended action specially if it has lots of links to open. Your browser might slap you for doing that 😉
Why the need of  Text Link Extractor ?
As a part time SEO (for myself only) I find my self in situations in which it is required to save hundreds of links from a webpage. Those URLs are in web directories that contains huge listings. So I found this tool very simple and effective for manual links extraction. Remeber that it is not an automated link extarctor and you have to select text link or entire text manually and then fetch their links.
Want to give this tool a try. Dowload Selected Links.

2 thoughts on “Extract URLs From WebPages in 1 Click

  1. Musab

    hmmm great tool, but the only drawback I found with this one is that it only works for IE.

    Is there any other similar tool that works for FireFox as well?


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