Character and Word Count Tool

By | January 6, 2009

Word Count Plus is a free word counter add-on created by Mozdev that you can add/install to your FireFox browser and leave the counting to this tool. With this extension installed, you can count any number of words on a web page. No need to download any other word count software for this purpose or visit any of those free online word counters because you can count words simply by selecting them inside your browser.

Just select the text (words/lines/paragraphs/headings etc) with your mouse cursor and this tool does the following for you:

Count words
Count Characters (Hovering the cursor on counted words yield characters count)
Add the counted words to other counts (Yes it will do the addition for you)

Words count is shown in the status bar of your browser just like the way shown in the image below:

Word count
Counting words and characters come in handy on lots of occasions specially when writing and checking specific length articles. This tool will also come in handy if you are an SEO because a lot of times you would be writing meta tags, page titles and other such tags in which length of words/characters is an important aspect.

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