Finally Migrated From Blogger To WordPress

By | April 18, 2010

So I finally took some time to migrate this blog from Blogger to WordPress. The overall transfer only took a few minutes as I currently do not have lots of posts for this blog (less than 200).

After installing WordPress on my paid hosting, I quickly installed some very handy plugins that I recommend every WordPress blog should have. These are the WordPress plugins you need to install if you are using a self hosting WordPress blog.

  • Google Analytics WordPress plugin
  • XML Google Sitemap Plugin
  • Platinum SEO Plugin
  • Permalink Finder Plugin (Must install if you migrated from Blogger)

The Permalink finder plugin is an extremely essential and handy plugin that will transfer your visitors to the right post without showing a 404 error page. All you have to do is match your WordPress permalink structure to your blogger permalink structure as follows :


So if you are planning to migrate to WordPress from Blogger, do not hesitate to write in your comment below. I will try my best to answer your questions and remove any confusion as now I have successfully transferred 3 blogger blogs to WordPress and imported almost 700 posts.

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