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By | September 3, 2008

Importing Firefox user settings including bookmarks, add-ons and other user settings Firefox provides its users to use multiple user Profiles for the same installation . The good thing is that you can import other user profile settings to your user profile very easily . These settings include bookmarks , extensions , add-ons etc . All these user profile settings are stored in Firefox “Profiles” folder . Continue reading to find out how you can import these settings .

1. Open Firefox browser and go to Bookmarks tab > Organize Bookmarks . This will open library dialog box .
2. Now click on the button “Import and Backup” ( highlighted in the above image ) and choose Restore > Choose file . This will open a dialog box in which you have to point to your Firefox Profiles folder .
3. Profiles folder can be found in Application Data folder in your root drive or the drive in which you have installed your Windows . It can be accessed via the following path : C:\Documents and Settings\User\Application Data . Where “User” will be the name of the windows user whose settings you wish to import .
4. If you are still unable to locate your Application Data folder then the other way to find it is by clicking Start Menu > Run > Type : %APPDATA% and press enter . This command will locate and open Application Data folder for you .
5. Now I assume you are successfully in your Application Data Folder . Now go to Mozilla > Firefox > Profiles . In Profiles folder you will see different user profile folders with the name ********.User_name . Now select that user profile folder from where you wish to import Bookmarks . Now click on that folder and after that click on the folder named bookmarkbackups . Here you will see back up files sorted by dates . Select the most recent file and you are almost done !.

After you have selected your backup bookmark file , Firefox will prompt you that this will overwrite your existing bookmarks . Clicking ok will import all the bookmarks from that profile to your existing profile . You can import other settings from the Profiles folder in the same way . Feel free to share this article.

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