One word Domain names availibility

By | August 20, 2008

Single word domain names availability is almost impossible these days
Finding single word domain names for your website these days have become almost impossible . This is due to the fact that when anyone registers for a new domain (s)he starts searching with one word domain names . The other reason behind this is the existing volume in certain niches due to which some webmasters order many possible domain names in bulk and then park those domain in advance so that whenever one of their clients ask for a relevant domain , they can offer them at a very demanding price . This is one of the major reasons which has depleted most of the “one word domain names .

I experienced this when I was searching for a new domain for one of my blogs related to food . I wanted a single word domain but due to the same reason (unavailability) ,ended up with a two word domain . The blog was solely based on cooking recipes and tips so the domain name has to be somewhat relevant . I use following guidelines when registering a new domain :

My Domain name Guidelines :

– Contains only alphabets
– Does not contain two same consecutive letters like
– Easy to remember and if heard can be typed in easily to reach your website
– Not very descriptive ( example )
– Is somewhat relevant to the content and theme of your website

For example the domain name which I have chosen for my food blog , which I have mentioned earlier in this post , is . I was looking for something more attractive but ended purchasing this domain . Since the blog mostly contains cooking recipes , so the word recipe in the domain can give me an added advantage when searched through SEs .

So tell me how and what you look for when you are about to register a new domain name for your website smile ?

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