Keyword Stuffing | Good or Bad !

By | March 10, 2009

Example of stuffed keywordsI was checking my email this afternoon when I came across a link exchange request from a webmaster. So I visited his/her website and not surprisingly could not digest the content for more than 10 seconds. The above screenshot I have posted is taken from the same site and is from its header section. This site is about “Making Money with Google Adsense” and just like most of the other link exchange requests I receive, this website also has nothing relevant to my website (Food related) for which he or she sent a link request. But the purpose of this article is not to highlight the factors involving successful link exchanges but it is about “keyword stuffing” which the owner of the above website has done to such an extent that it urged me to write about the importance or more specifically the consequences of keyword stuffing on web pages.

Keyword stuffing is adding repetitive, relevant or irrelevant keywords on a web page in such a manner that it does not result in any added value to the site or visitors to that site. It is only indented to gain higher rankings in search engines. But search engines have become smarter these days and do not take long to identify “black hat SEO”¬†techniques such as the one being discussed. Search engines like Google not only ignore such websites but also remove them from their index and thus putting an end to that website by imposing a ban. A lesson to be learned is from Alex Chiu¬†example who also adopted this SEO technique and his site was later penalized by Google.

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