How to Check Your Internet Connection Speed

By | December 23, 2008

Have you ever tried to find out whether you are getting the same internet connection speed which your ISP (Internet Service Provider) has promised. The question arises how can you find out exact connection speed ? Usually a single internet connection is shared between multiple internet users due to which you might not be getting the same speed mentioned in your package.

There are many ways and online tools available for testing and checking any internet connection speed. The test results will indicate download and upload speeds of your internet connection. Download speed is the speed at which you can transfer data from a web server or simply internet to your computer. Like saving an online image or music file from a website to your hard drive. On the other hand upload speed is the speed at which data can be transferred from your computer to a web server or simply internet. Attaching anything to an email message is an example of uploading data from your computer to your web email service.

List of Free Online Internet Connection Speed Tests

Checking internet connection requires calculating its download and upload speeds. Below is a list of some reliable and widely used online tools where you can check and find out how fast your internet connection really is.

1. SpeedTest
2. Speak Easy Speed Test
3. Audit My PC Speed Test
4. Internet Frog Speed Test
5. Visualware Speed Test

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  1. Musab

    Well my service providers are definitely cheating. By the way You forgot to mention what to do if you find yourself cheated! 😛


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