How do I protect my Inbox from spammers ?

By | September 24, 2008

Email spam messages demonstrationSpam is unwanted , uninvited or unsolicited email messages that internet users receive daily in their spam or junk folders . These messages are not from their friends , family , business partners or anyone that they have ever heard before .

It can be any email message urging you to click on a link to get more information about a product or service . Once you click on the it , you are taken directly into the trap laid down by those spammers and you either end of wasting time or even loose some buck$.

I receive 10-20 daily spam messages in my Gmail inbox . Thanks to their excellent spam filtering algorithm , my inbox remains spam free as 90% of such spam messages are automatically blocked. But no matter how hard we try to make this world a better place , some lovely characters will discover new ways to exploit loop holes in the system . Of course I am talking about spammers who else ?

How do we protect ourselves from such spam ? The answer is NOT Spam Filter . Such automatic spam blocking softwares are somehow effective in filtering most of the spam but they can never prevent them from coming your way .The first thing we need to do is that we have to safeguard and protect our email addresses and make sure we do not just give it to any body . This is the most easiest way to loose control over spam . What happens is that when we visit a new site and notice that they are offering something that might benefit us but wait a minute ! Before they can send us the info / product , they require us to subscribe to their mailing list . Most of the internet users will fall pray to this technique and will end up giving their email to someone that they do not know . If you are lucky nothing will happen but more likely your email will be sold to spammers who usually collect email in such a way and then make mega mailing lists consisting of thousands of email address and will send repeated emails (SPAM) to them on frequent basis .

How to protect your Email and stop receiving spam emails ?

The answer is simple , your attitude” . Continue reading and you will know what I am talking about .

Rule#1 : Never give your email address to someone who you do not know unless you really know what you are doing.
Block spam and prevent getting it for good
Rule#2 : Do not share your email in chat rooms and internet messengers . These are the places where the spammers are hunting for free email addresses.
Rule#3 : Keep your computer virus free . Many viruses search address books for email addresses and when they find what
they are looking for they collect all the data and then send it to spammer and that all is done in the background and you will not notice anything at all . So keep your anti-virus utility up to date and run frequent virus scans to ensure your computer remains virus free.
Rule#4 : If you are a webmaster then chances are that you have a feedback / contact page on your website with your business email . Encrypt it before it is picked up by automatic email harvesters . If you do not know how to do this then I suggest that you read my previous post about protecting email IDs from spam Bots .

These are some very basics rules which will help in NOT receiving email spam . Make sure you understand that filtering spam and preventing yourself from getting spam are two different things. But this will be another blog post which will be discussed some other time so stay tuned .Also feel free to share this article but please do link back to

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