Google Chrome goes LIVE !

By | September 4, 2008

Official logo of Google Chrome web browser

Google Chrome is official web browser recently launched by none other than Google itself . It went live on 2nd Sept ‘ 08 afternoon and millions of people are already running it on their PC / Windows . They have only released it for Windows users and this is a bit harsh for Mac users but then the big G says they plan to release it for Mac as well .

The browser as I look still does not compete with Firefox in many ways but since Google is behind Chrome , I am sure they will very soon be on top as their new launched browser i.e Chrome looks very promising as it is the fastest among all the web browsers being used these days .

I am still testing Google Chrome on my Windows XP and have visited every possible website that I visit on daily basis . So stay tuned to this blog as I will be posting Google Chrome review shortly .

In the meantime you can click here to Download Google Chrome .

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