Gmail’s New Voice and Video Chat Features

By | November 12, 2008

Google has officially announced the release of voice and video conferencing feature for their Gmail users. With previous Gmail chat, users can only send text messages but mow Gmail users can talk to each other via voice chat or even see each other via video chat feature. This is similar to Yahoo and Msn chat messengers but Google says that they are the first one to integrate all the instant messenger features in their web based email.
Gmail new chat feature now supports voice and video chatWhat New You will be Able to do With Gmail Chat

You can have no more reasons not to have a Gmail account as now you will be able to run Gmail chat in pop-out windows or you can even scale the web cam view of your friend or colleague to full screen during Video chat.

System Requirements

At present Gmail voice and video chat feature is only supported by Mac OS X and Windows XP / Vista and can only run on Firefox 2.0+, Safari 3.0, IE7 and Google Chrome web browsers. If you fulfill the above requirement then all you need to do is download a one time Gmail voice and video chat plug-in. After installing the plug-in you will have to restart you browser and now when you open your new Gmail chat, you can see a new link in your chat window which says “Video & more” just like the one shown below.

After installing Gmail voice and video chat plug-in you will notice a new link appearing in your chat window about Video and more
In the coming days, Google will roll out this new Gmail voice and video chat functionality to all its users across the globe. I am yet to test these new features in Gmail and if any one reading this have done so then do share your experience by filling the comment form below.

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