Firefox freezes and tabs auto reload….

By | August 29, 2008

Mozilla Firefox is the most downloaded and widely used web browser these days . With the ability to install third party add-ons and various plugins , it attracts many internet users specially webmasters and developers .

Firefox Tabs Auto Reload Problem and its Solution
I have been using Firefox for the past one year and it worked fine for me until I upgraded to the latest version . At first I was facing problem when I loaded multiple tabs and clicked on a tab that was already loading .That caused that tab / page to load again and thus taking lot of memory and bandwidth . I some how figured a way to deal with this . I had recently installed Skype which automatically installs a Firefox add-on and this was the culprit behind the auto reload problem . I uninstalled the add-on and this problem was solved without much hassle .

Firefox Browser Freezing Problem and its Solution
Then there was another problem . Whenever I opened Firefox browser , after few seconds it freezes and slows down the PC by consuming lot of system resources . I uninstalled Firefox and then re-installed it but this didn’t removed the problem . It took me some time to figure out a way to deal with this freezing issue . The solution behind this was creating a new Firefox user profile . By creating a new user profile for your Firefox browser , you will loose all your bookmarks , add-ons , extensions and plugins . But you need not to worry because you can easily import Firefox bookmarks and other user settings . Don’t worry about other stuff as they can be downloaded within few minutes .

1. Exit your Firefox browser and uninstall it from your PC
2. Delete this folder : C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox
3. Now restart your PC
4. Download a fresh copy of Firefox from here :
5. Install Firefox and then create a new profile . There are two ways you can do this. One is to follow the official instruction for creating new Firefox user profile here : or you can continue reading below .
6. Open Start Menu > Run and type firefox -P . This will open Firefox user profile dialog box which currently has default profile selected . Click on the Create Profile button and enter your name for the new profile you want to create . You are done ! Now select your new profile name and then check the box “Don’t ask at start up” . Now click Start Firefox .

This will load Firefox with the new user profile without any add-ons / plugins . You can get the latest add-ons from here . I hope you enjoyed this little troubleshooter . Don’t forget to write below your opinions or suggestions . Feel free to share it with others.

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