Enlarge and Rotate Online Photos

By | November 9, 2008

Zoom in and out of photos on any website onlineHave you ever come across a web image that you want to zoom in without leaving that page or you want to rotate that image either clockwise or counter clockwise. Now you can zoom in/out and even rotate any image present on any web page without moving your head. For this you need to have Firefox browser which allows you to install addons which you cannot do with other web browsers like IE . Although the ability to add thirty addons has been causing few problems in Firefox browser but these were small bugs in the code due to the incompatibility with browser newer version only.

Now you I assume that you already have Firefox and now you will be needing two separate addons, one to enlarge photos and the other to rotate them.

1. Image Zoom :
This lets you zoom into photos on any page up to 400%. Zoom in and out then just right click and reset the image to its original size. Very handy tool specially when you need to zoom in and read text on images that are not large enough. It can also be used as a fun tool.

2. Rotate Image :
This addon will assist you in viewing images that are put up in wrong directions and with this tool you can easily rotate them in either direction. You can also set the rotation angle anywhere from 0 to 360 degrees.

Feel free to share these two tools with others.

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