Adsense Secrets : 4th Edition launched and Joel Comm messed it up this time !

By | April 21, 2008
Joel Comm

Joel Comm , New York Times best selling author and one of the internet’s leading authority on Adsense recently launched the 4th edition of his e-book titled Adsense Secrets 4 . See what Joel himself has to say about his recent publication .

Yes you have seen it , instead of $97 for his e-book , he is giving it away for only $9.95 . You must be saying that he might have gone crazy. Well he is not as some of those who purchased his book have complained that with this purchase they were auto-subscribed to Joel Comm’s monthly newsletter of value $29.95 (dirty marketing tactics) .

Many other buyers including Mark Wielgus from 45n5 is already calling this Adsense Secrets Scam alert .

Joel admitted his mistake and had edited his web page to make his newsletter subscription charges more visible and to let the buyer choose whether he wants to purchase his monthly newsletter subscription along with his e-book or not . Joel also made a public apology which was a little fun to read . If you have some extra time you can read it by clicking here .

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