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How do I protect my Inbox from spammers ?

Spam is unwanted , uninvited or unsolicited email messages that internet users receive daily in their spam or junk folders . These messages are not from their friends , family , business partners or anyone that they have ever heard before . It can be any email message urging you to click on a link… Read More »

Google Alerts : How to use it ?

Google alerts are automatic email alerts of latest and relevant search results sent to your inbox by none other than Google itself . Google search engine crawlers continuously crawl content from sources such as news , blogs , web , videos , groups etc and when they find anything that mathces your defined-alert criteria ,… Read More »

Google Chrome goes LIVE !

Google Chrome is official web browser recently launched by none other than Google itself . It went live on 2nd Sept ‘ 08 afternoon and millions of people are already running it on their PC / Windows . They have only released it for Windows users and this is a bit harsh for Mac users… Read More »

Recover Firefox Bookmarks

Firefox provides its users to use multiple user Profiles for the same installation . The good thing is that you can import other user profile settings to your user profile very easily . These settings include bookmarks , extensions , add-ons etc . All these user profile settings are stored in Firefox “Profiles” folder .… Read More »

Firefox freezes and tabs auto reload….

Mozilla Firefox is the most downloaded and widely used web browser these days . With the ability to install third party add-ons and various plugins , it attracts many internet users specially webmasters and developers .Firefox Tabs Auto Reload Problem and its SolutionI have been using Firefox for the past one year and it worked… Read More »

MP3 Cube Player

Photo credit : WholeSaleG8 This is the smallest mp3 player I have seen so far . If you know any other which is smaller than 24mm x 24mm x 24mm then do let me know . I has a build in memory if 1 GB and it also support audio files in wma format .… Read More »

Download Youtube Videos to your PC

YouTube videos are the most viewed media on the internet . Anyone can upload their own creative work to Youtube but the problem is that when someone else wants to download a video to their PC , there is no such option available . The videos are only to be accessed via YouTube website .… Read More »