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Best Canon Digital Camera

Everybody wants to capture their memorable moments with the help of a camera but handling cameras correctly sometime become a tedious task because most of the cameras are not user friendly hence the output is not good enough. To resolve this problem canon has now introduced a user friendly camera, “Canon Powershot SD990IS”, which is… Read More »

Looking for PC Backup Power to Prevent Data Loss

Working on a PC loosing your unsaved data due to power outage or some other glitch in the power network is real pain specially if this happen quite frequently. Even backup generator take a few minutes to start and they also will not help to prevent your system from shutting down. For this purpose, uninterrupted… Read More »

Bing : Replacement for Live Search

Formerly known as Live search, Msn search and Windows Live Search, is a replaced search engine by no other than Microsoft itself. Bing went live on 3rd June 2009 and the noticeable changes include: Related searches Search suggestions Save and share search history Bing is also considered to be the new and more organized form… Read More »

1TB External Memory for Backup

Product Name : Iomega Prestige 1 TB USB2.0 Desktop external hard driveType : External Backup memoryIn-Stock : Check status Storage Capacity :This Iomega Prestige USB 2.0 supported external hard drive has a storage capacity of 1TB which is equals 1024 GB. This is some serious amount of space for PC users and is absolutely great… Read More »

How to Check Your Internet Connection Speed

Have you ever tried to find out whether you are getting the same internet connection speed which your ISP (Internet Service Provider) has promised. The question arises how can you find out exact connection speed ? Usually a single internet connection is shared between multiple internet users due to which you might not be getting… Read More »

Customize Your Gmail Looks

Gmail is free a web based email service provided by Google. It is simple, fast and not too fancy like other free email services available. It was launched in 2004 and was only available on invitation by existing Gmail users but in 2007 it was opened for all and I have been using it for… Read More »

Gmail’s New Voice and Video Chat Features

Google has officially announced the release of voice and video conferencing feature for their Gmail users. With previous Gmail chat, users can only send text messages but mow Gmail users can talk to each other via voice chat or even see each other via video chat feature. This is similar to Yahoo and Msn chat… Read More »

Enlarge and Rotate Online Photos

Have you ever come across a web image that you want to zoom in without leaving that page or you want to rotate that image either clockwise or counter clockwise. Now you can zoom in/out and even rotate any image present on any web page without moving your head. For this you need to have… Read More »