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With just 23 days left for this domain ( to expire and my domain registrar suggests me that it might take as long as a week to switch registrars. This I think is the best time to move on. This blog has been hosted on for almost 2 years for with FREE unlimited hosting.… Read More » : A new look

Today I changed my blog template to this new template called Shiny Blogger template , offered free by OBT . This is my 3rd template so far for this blog . It looks a bit different than the original template as I have modified lots of colors and dimensions to meet my current and future… Read More »

Kashif is back on Kashif’s BLog

For the past 16 days I had abandoned my blog and didn’t even bothered to check the traffic stats . The reason behind this is that I was seriously ill due to which I was unable to post on my blog . I always had this feeling that once I had access to a computer… Read More »

Traffic stats for May’08

According to my Google Analytics repost , traffic to is 180% the traffic received in April’08 . As you can see from the above screen shot that traffic from referring sites is more than the traffic from search engines as well as direct traffic . Since this is not a very old blog so… Read More »


myLot User Profile This is just a test post and will be deleted after a short period which is taking too long to end so kindly ignore it.

The BIG RSS Experiment

I am experimenting with this big RSS icon to see if my readers see it now or not . So if you still haven’t subscribed to my RSS feed do it now by clicking the RSS icon above.

Feed transfer was a piece of CAKE

Feed transfer was not a big deal as I thought it might be . I just have to edit the details and thats it . I have also added a simple looking favicon to this blog which some of you might have noticed . Creating a favicon was super fast and easy . I just… Read More »

Today I got approved by Kontera

Yes , you heard it my publisher account that I had applied for almost a week a go got approved today and now I can earn some extra cash through Kontera’s in-text advertisements. If you do not know what Kontera is then I suggest you read my previous post about monetizing your website with Kontera… Read More »