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Make contact form with Google Docs

With Google Docs you can not only upload or edit documents and spreadsheets but you can also make highly customizable forms that you can email or even embed in your website so that user can input data directly into the form which will them aulomatically be loaded and saved to a spreadsheet that can easily… Read More »

Extract URLs From WebPages in 1 Click

‘Selected Links‘ is simple yet very effective link extractor by Mikos. It is a free link extractor which has the ability to extract hyperlinks from a web page. Just select the desired section of the page with the help of your mouse cursor and this tool will display the URLs and their respective anchor texts. Besides… Read More »

New Year Greetings:2009

Year 2008 is about to end tonight. So in case you are here I wish you all Happy New Year. Now back to business lol. Just wanted to share with you that the last Google PageRank update which was about to happen at the of December 2008 was not noticed considerably. Although some people still… Read More »

How to Check Your Internet Connection Speed

Have you ever tried to find out whether you are getting the same internet connection speed which your ISP (Internet Service Provider) has promised. The question arises how can you find out exact connection speed ? Usually a single internet connection is shared between multiple internet users due to which you might not be getting… Read More »

Back up Your Blogger|Blogspot Blogs on Hard Drive

Blogger is a free blogging service provided by Google via Recently Blogger team released this new Import/Export feature which also allows its users to make a back up copy of their entire blog on their hard drives. This feature is accessible via Settings> Basic> Blog Tools> Export blog. When you use the export feature… Read More »

What is Link Popularity

photo by seocompany Link Popularity By definition, link popularity is the measure of both quality and quantity of hyperlinks or simply inbound links pointing to a web page from various other web pages that might be in the same domain or from other domains. It is just one of the factors that many search engines… Read More »

Customize Your Gmail Looks

Gmail is free a web based email service provided by Google. It is simple, fast and not too fancy like other free email services available. It was launched in 2004 and was only available on invitation by existing Gmail users but in 2007 it was opened for all and I have been using it for… Read More »