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Youtube access restored in Pakistan

Pakistan telecommunication authority has lifted the ban on one of the most popular video-sharing sites youtube.The owner of youtube , Google also has confirmed that the access has been restored by Pakistan. The ban was imposed when Pakistan government ordered more than 70 ISPs to block access to youtube site.The reason for this action by… Read More »

Do you find yourself in a situation like this !

How many times you have felt the same way . For me , many times LOL . This person has the best answer .He does not even own this computer . Its company asset what is he doing with the hammer …Watch it yourself and if your like it , then leave a comment.

People in UK might face a ban for downloading pirated stuff

People in UK might face a ban by their internet service provider for downloading pirated music and movies from the internet . The entertainment industry which includes the music as well as film making industry says that they loose millions of $ just because of these illegal file sharing programs on the internet. According to… Read More »