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Eid-ul-Adha Greetings

Wishing all my readers a very happy Eid. It has been a long time since I posted on this blog due to my other commitments but from now on I will be updating my progress on monthly or maybe weekly basis. Once again a very “Happy Eid-ul-Adha” to all the Muslims across the globe.

Beijing Olympics 2008 and its cost

photo credit : HomePageDaily I was reading the Sports reference blog and one thing that immediately caught my attention was the cost associated with 2008 Olympic games which is four times as must as the previous Olympic games held in 2004 in Athens . Previous Olympic games were the most expensive ones in the history… Read More »

Five fish in 20 mins

The fishing trip didn’t went the way it was expected . I never caught fish that early but yesterday was my lucky day as all the not so big fish are attracted to my fishing spot . The longest one was 6 inch from mouth to tail . The technique I use for fishing is… Read More »

Rabbits eating time out !

Today I took my grandfather to a dermatologist where I spotted these red eyed rabbits . These are called Albino rabbits somewhat shy but most of the time will show up when they smell food near by. And that is exactly what they did when a lady brought with her some bread pieces along with… Read More »

I found a humming bird under my bed today

photo credit LaTimes Today I heard a strange voice coming from my room . After searching I found a small lady bird baby . It came from the window . The ladybird must have a nest somewhere near by my window . I tried to make it fly out through the window but soon I… Read More »

Life is so beautiful

UPDATE : This cute little baby has been named as Ryan Today my younger cousin came to me and informed me that his elder brother (my elder cousin) officially became the father of this very cute baby boy. I visited the couple and congratulated them for receiving this beautiful gift from nature . God bless… Read More »

Put your memory to a test !

Today I was browsing Widget Box site when I came across a cool little game . Thought it might be a nice idea to share it with you . Many of you might have played it before . I played it several times and my highest score was 17. Want to give it a try… Read More »