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Month 1 : New Affiliate Site Already making Money

A new affiliate site that I created mid-way March 2010 is already on its way to generate some $$$. According to my sitemeter stats, that site received only 1600 visits in the month of April. The site has not been promoted anywhere on the web and only ON-Page optimization was done for it. The site… Read More »

Earning Profits as Amazon Affiliate

I joined Amazon Associate program last year but only started promoting it this year in Feb. Most of the products that I have been promoting fall in the price range $20-$80. So depending upon Amazon commission structure, I can only get commission from 4% to 6.5% or if I am lucky and sell more than… Read More »

Amazon Associate Program – Little Success

Amazon associate program is just like any other affiliate network where you promote products and if your referred product result in sales then certain amount of that sale is given to the affiliate for promoting the product. I joined Amazon Associate program about a year ago but never put in any effort to generate revenue.… Read More »