Still a very long way to GO !

By | May 27, 2008
Long way to increase traffic rankingsphoto credit LazyGranch

Before I switched to a custom domain for this blog , I had an alexa rank of 1,900,000 . After I switched to the domain my alexa traffic ranking fell seriously and was around 6,000,000 which is very very low.

After doing some fixes and getting some more traffic to this new domain , my alexa rank improved and now it is at 1,373,397 . I hope you know that lower the number the better the rank. This still is a very low traffic rank since according to Alexa traffic ranking system any site with a traffic rank of over 100,000 is considered unreliable . I never understand why they associated the term “unreliable” with low ranked sites.

So still a long way to go . The traffic rank will hopefully keep on increasing and by the time you will be reading this post , this blog will have a better Alexa traffic rank .

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