How to get traffic and advertise on other blogs for FREE

By | May 3, 2008

Free advertising tipsUpdate : These are impression exchange programs i.e you need to place a widget on your blog and the impressions you gain from your site visitors will be utilized in showing your widget or banner on other blogs. These type of programs do not offer great amount of traffic but for a new blog you can get few extra visits and exposure in the beginning.

Getting traffic is one of the major concerns for any new bloggers. There are various ways you can promote your blog but those might cost you some extra money which most of the new bloggers will not be willing to invest at the beginning . Today I am going to share with you the methods that many bloggers are using to gain extra traffic by advertising on other blogs and that also for FREE. This method involves advertising on other blogs with your banner ad (usually of size 125×125). This way you can gain extra visitors for your blog and for which you do not need to pay anything at all . Just imagine your free banner appearing on a blog which gets thousands of daily hits . This will also impact your traffic stats depending upon how attractive your banner is.

Below I have listed few of those networks that you can join for free and start receiving extra traffic from other blogs .

1. : This is one of the networks that I have mentioned . There is no criteria for joining . You join them , submit your banner to them , place their banner widget on your blog at a place where it can be easily spotted , get your banner approved and start receiving traffic from other blogs . This works in a way that when ever someone visits your blog you receive credits and those credits are automatically assigned to your banner for advertising on other blogs in the network . This is a sort of banner exchange but works quite well for getting extra traffic .

2. : Another banner exchange network that you can submit your blog along with three banners ( size 125×125 ) . The great part of this network is that all the new blogs get 5000 free credits which they can use to advertise on other blogs . Again I have to make it clear that you do not need to get into the hassle of searching for the relevant blogs to advertise on . You only need to select the relevant categories that your blog belongs to and the rest will be done by 125exchange.

3. Free banner exchange ( Update : Link removed ) : Very similar to the above two but the only difference is that you can have other size banners as well . They currently support 468×60,125×125,88×31 sizes .You place their widget on your blog and other blogger ads will run on your blog and your ads will run on other blogs through this widget .

All the above tools that I have listed are intended to delivering extra traffic to your blog . They will not provide massive amount of traffic but still they are better than many other tools that occupy a lot of space and deliver very low traffic .

I am still searching for more networks like the ones I have listed above . I will add them to the above list .

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