Give your blog a complete makeover

By | March 21, 2008

When I started this blog I selected Blogger to host my blog since they offer free blog service and for a person like me who does not know much about web programming and coding blogger seems to be a decent choice.

Blogger has few default templates that might be fine for a blogger that does not worry about the appearance of his blog but for those who want to take their blogging experience to an upper they have to move on and look for different templates that suits their blogging requirements.

Other than a new template you can also get some cool widgets for your blog . Some of them are not offered by blogger but you can have them in your blog since there are some lovely characters out there that like to help other fellow bloggers so that they can make their blog look better .

Remember that your blog layout is what a new visitor sees before he begins to browse your blog posts. So this is the first impression to the visitor so it is upto you whether you choose those default templates offered by or you want to give your blog a complete makeover by replacing your current template with some cool looking template and also spice up your blog with some awesome widgets.

I have hunted down few sites that offer free blogger templates so you need not to search for them.

Some widgets / add ons that I recommend you must have in your blog.

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