Entrecard : Tips for getting free traffic

By | May 8, 2008
Tips for getting free traffic

Today I decided to go through all the categories listed in Entrecard site in order to find out what one needs to do to get the most out of Entrecard . Those of you who have not yet registered to Entrecard and do not know what Entrecard is then you might be missing a source of free traffic which this system is offering for the past few years.

Entrecard is a free advertising system which people like you and me use to advertise on other blogs . The advertisement is in the form of a graphical banner of size 125×125 (Just like the one shown on the right side bar under the Title Featured Blogs). With your banner on different sites and people clicking that banner to visit your site , you can attract some decent traffic for your site and that also for FREE .

Now here is how it works . Whenever some one (Entrecard member) visits your site and clicks on the drop button on the Entrecard widget present on your site , you earn 1 credit . The same thing happens when you click on the drop button of someone else’s Entrecard . So you earn credits by dropping on other peoples Entrecard and by receiving drops from other Entrecard users . Those credits can be used to advertise on other blogs . The credit requirement can be anywhere from 2 entrecard credits to over 4000 entrecard credits for one day advertising on other blogs . There is no limit on the number of drops you can receive from entrecard users each day (correct me if I am wrong) but you can drop a maximum of 300 entrecards each day . There is also no limit on the number of Advertisements you purchase each day (as long as you have sufficient amount of credits).


Now the question is how to get the most out of this entrecard system . I will explain this with a simple example . Lets suppose Yahoo decides to register for entrecard so they signed up for an entrecard account . When ever a new user signs in , the price tag to advertise on that user entrecard is 2 entrecards which is extremely cheap if I consider the amount of exposure I will be getting when by banner shows up on the front page of Yahoo for one whole day .

So the key to get the most out of Entrecard is to advertise on new blog which have just signed in . So that you do not have to spend too many credits . Use Entrecard browser page to search for the new entrecard blogs and make sure that you are the first person to advertise on their entrecard .

Also make sure your Entrecard banner looks attractive and is relevant to your site.

Don’t forget to give me a drop when to register for Entrecard
and read about how you can get 1000 entrecard credits per day .

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