Month 1 : New Affiliate Site Already making Money

By | May 2, 2010

Affiliate MarketingA new affiliate site that I created mid-way March 2010 is already on its way to generate some $$$. According to my sitemeter stats, that site received only 1600 visits in the month of April. The site has not been promoted anywhere on the web and only ON-Page optimization was done for it. The site jumped to PR2 in the beginning of April with Alexa rank of 145,234 as of today. The earning stats are as follows :

Affiliate Commission   :  $40.92

Google Adsense             :  $8.52


Total                                 :  $49.44


With 1600 visits, I earned almost $1 after every 32 visitors. Currently that site only promotes Amazon products so I can expect a commission rate anywhere from 6% to 7% (max 8.5%) excluding consumer electronic products that have a 4% flat commission rate. The reason I selected Amazon for this new affiliate site was simply because Amazon has a wide range of products that you can possibly think of and despite the fact that it only has a 24 hour cookie, I still go with Amazon Associate Program.

Needless to mention again that this is not my first site that I have used for promoting affiliate products. I have several other sites and blogs that I use from time to time for promoting affiliate products. This site is very new and I have set a target for it in terms of monthly affiliate sales. I have set it to a minimum 100 sales per month. The products that I promote are not high price items and will earn me average commission of $10/sale. So I can expect at least $1000 as I reach my monthly target.

So long with the calculations. A lot of hard work and time is required to complete this goal. I will keep my readers updated with the stats. You can either bookmark this blog or subscribe to my feed to make sure you do not miss the action that will be taking place !

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