Earning Profits as Amazon Affiliate

By | June 24, 2009

I joined Amazon Associate program last year but only started promoting it this year in Feb. Most of the products that I have been promoting fall in the price range $20-$80. So depending upon Amazon commission structure, I can only get commission from 4% to 6.5% or if I am lucky and sell more than 111 items in a month, I can even get a 7% commission rate. Even 7% of a low price item is not enough and will not be worth the time to promote it.

This is the reason why many Amazon affiliates complain about the low commission rate. But if you are selling a high price item of value $1000 or above, your profit margins are high. You can get more $ for promoting a high price item instead of just a few bucks.

But things are not simple as they seem. Promoting a high price item always have some risks involved specially if you are investing heavily in advertising. Thorough research will save you a lot of time as well as money and at the same time will also give you better ROI.

This is exactly what I have planned for the coming months being an Amazon Associate. I am still in the research phase where I am hunting down the right niche (items) to promote. I consider researching 80% of the job as rest is all implementation which does not require much effort and time.

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