Amazon Associate Program – Little Success

By | May 12, 2009

Amazon associate program is just like any other affiliate network where you promote products and if your referred product result in sales then certain amount of that sale is given to the affiliate for promoting the product.

I joined Amazon Associate program about a year ago but never put in any effort to generate revenue. Recently I have been using/promoting Amazon products on one of my other sites. I was sending an average of 10-50 users each day to Amazon hoping that they would buy something and earn me some commission.
First 3 months of my promotion went without any sales. In fact for the past few day I was considering that it was not even worth the time and effort promoting Amazon as I was unable to make any money from it but since May’09, I am seeing some progress in my Affiliate stats. I have so far been able to sell products worth $450. This was something that had made me realize that if you promote the right product the right way then it is not very difficult to earn affiliate commission.
I will be closely monitoring my stats to see what kind of products get better conversion at Amazon and what exactly are the things people look for before they order any product online.
This is my first connection with any affiliate network so I am still in the process of learning and hopefully improving my affiliate stats. 

2 thoughts on “Amazon Associate Program – Little Success

  1. Michael Aulia

    Good one! I just got my first Amazon sales as well today 😀

    First time always has the best feeling

  2. Steven

    Good job. Searching on Google and found your site. I just set up my site yesterday and made my first sale already via Amazon with only my first 30 clicks.


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