Month 1 : New Affiliate Site Already making Money

A new affiliate site that I created mid-way March 2010 is already on its way to generate some $$$. According to my sitemeter stats, that site received only 1600 visits in the month of April. The site has not been promoted anywhere on the web and only ON-Page optimization was done for it. The site… Read More » Moving to WordPress

With just 23 days left for this domain ( to expire and my domain registrar suggests me that it might take as long as a week to switch registrars. This I think is the best time to move on. This blog has been hosted on for almost 2 years for with FREE unlimited hosting.… Read More »

Eid-ul-Adha Greetings

Wishing all my readers a very happy Eid. It has been a long time since I posted on this blog due to my other commitments but from now on I will be updating my progress on monthly or maybe weekly basis. Once again a very “Happy Eid-ul-Adha” to all the Muslims across the globe.

Google Adsense Payment Notification

Having able to earn money consistently from Google adsesne means that one is able to get consistent stream of visitors to his/her website(s) and that is exactly what I have been busy in. This month I get this again : Unable to read what the above screen shot says, then read this : You are… Read More »

Earning Profits as Amazon Affiliate

I joined Amazon Associate program last year but only started promoting it this year in Feb. Most of the products that I have been promoting fall in the price range $20-$80. So depending upon Amazon commission structure, I can only get commission from 4% to 6.5% or if I am lucky and sell more than… Read More »

Best Canon Digital Camera

Everybody wants to capture their memorable moments with the help of a camera but handling cameras correctly sometime become a tedious task because most of the cameras are not user friendly hence the output is not good enough. To resolve this problem canon has now introduced a user friendly camera, “Canon Powershot SD990IS”, which is… Read More »

Looking for PC Backup Power to Prevent Data Loss

Working on a PC loosing your unsaved data due to power outage or some other glitch in the power network is real pain specially if this happen quite frequently. Even backup generator take a few minutes to start and they also will not help to prevent your system from shutting down. For this purpose, uninterrupted… Read More »

Bing : Replacement for Live Search

Formerly known as Live search, Msn search and Windows Live Search, is a replaced search engine by no other than Microsoft itself. Bing went live on 3rd June 2009 and the noticeable changes include: Related searches Search suggestions Save and share search history Bing is also considered to be the new and more organized form… Read More »