1TB External Memory for Backup

Product Name : Iomega Prestige 1 TB USB2.0 Desktop external hard driveType : External Backup memoryIn-Stock : Check status Storage Capacity :This Iomega Prestige USB 2.0 supported external hard drive has a storage capacity of 1TB which is equals 1024 GB. This is some serious amount of space for PC users and is absolutely great… Read More »

Amazon Associate Program – Little Success

Amazon associate program is just like any other affiliate network where you promote products and if your referred product result in sales then certain amount of that sale is given to the affiliate for promoting the product. I joined Amazon Associate program about a year ago but never put in any effort to generate revenue.… Read More »

April 2009 Google PageRank Update is Over

At least for me it is over as I can see the new toolbar PageRank for my this and the rest of the sites. This update was expected to occur somewhere in the end of March 2009 but it started with the start of April 2009 when Google began updating PageRank of all pages in… Read More »

Google PageRank Update is coming…

Google usually updates PageRank every two to three months. The most recent pagerank update took place last year on New Year’s eve. So it has been over two and a half months and I have a feeling that now is the time when Google will be updateing pageranks. So keep your eyes open. The only… Read More »

Keyword Stuffing | Good or Bad !

I was checking my email this afternoon when I came across a link exchange request from a webmaster. So I visited his/her website and not surprisingly could not digest the content for more than 10 seconds. The above screenshot I have posted is taken from the same site and is from its header section. This… Read More »

Keyword Selection : Finding Your Competition

Many starter SEOs and new webmasters make this mistake when selecting keywords for their websites. They start their keyword selection campaign by just typing their desired keyword into a search query and then analysing the results. Lets consider a little example by searching for the word puppy food in Google. This keyword query returned over 5… Read More »

Valentine Day Special : Spreading Link Love

Every year on 14th Feb, people all over the world celebrate Valentines day by presenting their loved ones with special valentine flowers and gifts like chocolates, perfumes, jewelry, clothing etc. Although various other gifts can be considered for valentine gift ideas, but flowers are always given as they represent the existance of love, feelings and… Read More »

Get Access to Millions of Old Photos

Recently Google and LIFE together in a joint venture have compiled and published a huge database of millions of old and never to be found images. These images are availabe to public online via Google Image Search. The ability to search and find old photos of people, places, events, sports, culture etc makes this service… Read More »

Track Clicks On Outgoing Links with Google Analytics

Google analytics has been my one of the top website analysis tool that I often use to track not only my site(s) traffic but also find out how visitors are navigating through my content. I have been using it for over a year now and so far it has helped a lot in making my… Read More »